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Our Story

Where It All Began

*This story appeared in “Skaha Matters”, the September issue.

Four times in my adult life I have re-invented myself. Easily bored, I find it fun to plan and execute an entirely new vision, regardless of the industry. I’ve done it with Broadcasting, Commercial Printing, Real Estate Development and now, a Restaurant. I have always believed I have transportable skills and something new excites me.

All my family and friends tried to warn me away from a restaurant. I knew it would be a challenge but I had no idea how big of one. We opened Block 300 Casual Steakhouse in early June. We were far from ready. It was pandemonium. Exciting, but terrifying. We were often overwhelmed. By mid-July we realized we needed more time to train new staff and put in place systems that should have been done long before.

We decided we had to do a complete re-set, so we closed for twelve days. That was probably the most difficult decision I have ever made in business; to close a brand, new restaurant in high season. But it was the right thing to do. We’re not perfect, but we are better today than we were yesterday and will hopefully be better tomorrow! Our food was always good; thank God for that! If you visited us in our early days, I hope you’ll give us another chance. If you haven’t been to The Block yet, we hope you will come.

We feature an Express Lunch from 11:00 to 3:00, Happy Hour from 3:00 to 5:00 and Dinner Service from 5PM. Our recently expanded menu offers something for everyone, including Steak Nachos (with a peach drizzle), Giant Scallops and Champagne Garlic Prawns, Fish n’ Chips, Beef Dip, Pecan Crusted Salmon, Maple Butter Baby Back Ribs, Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Five Salad Choices, Block Poutine, Killer Burgers including our signature Block-and-Bleu and Lamb Burgers and a whole lot more.

Our Steaks include the Baseball Sirloin, Filet Mignon and Rib Eye.

Block 300 Casual Steakhouse is located at 340 Main Street, Penticton in the building which housed the Elite Café since 1927. We completely renovated the space but we didn’t take down the iconic sign. Nor did we make any structural changes to the outside. 340 Main is on the City of Penticton’s building registry.

We respect the history of the Elite look forward to welcoming you to The Block! Reservations are not necessary but if you’d like to make one, please call us at (250) 492-3051 or submit your request here.

Fred Trainor, Owner.

*The last renovation before this current one was in 1964.
*The sign was erected in 1952 and was the last neon sign to be grandfathered in Penticton. (1970)